Class 1 & 2 MOT Bays

Tecalemit Class 1 & 2 MOT bays can be created in a variety of formats. Options include a standalone configuration for Class 1 & 2.  Alternatively, Class 4 & 7 formats can be created with Motorcycle Class 1 & 2 incorporated.

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Class 1 & 2 Bays - Motorcycle

A Class 1 & 2 motorcycle testing package from Tecalemit can be comprised of the equipment element to fulfil the DVSA's Class 1 & 2 requirements. We can provide approved equipment suitable for new and existing Class 1 & 2 sites.

Standalone Motorcycle MOT Bays

Tecalemit offers a range of equipment specifically designed for testing motorcycles in a bespoke standalone Class 1 & 2 test lane. Our equipment includes a class-leading high-visibility LED display, a recessed single-wheel roller brake tester, a headlamp beam tester and an alignment bar and cord kit.

Class 4 MOT With Motorcycle

If you plan to set up a test station that includes motorcycles in a Class 4 MOT centre, Tecalemit has the solution for you. Our adaptor kit enables Class 1 & 2 testing to be conducted in the Class 4 bay. Additionally, our MOT experts are available to offer advice on the necessary requirements for your proposed bay layout, whether for a new or existing station. Trust Tecalemit to provide the best options for your testing needs.

Class 7 MOT With Motorcycle

For new and existing test stations that wish to incorporate motorcycles as part of a Class 7 MOT test centre, Tecalemit can supply an adaptor kit to enable Class 1 & 2 testing to be incorporated into the Class 7 bay. Tecalemit's MOT experts can advise on the specific requirements for your proposed bay layout.

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