Motorcycle Brake Tester (Class 1 & 2)

Product Number: DE/9015/1/MK3

Product Description

The DE/9015 is designed to meet the testing requirements of the most modern motorcycles. This reliable, robust and maintenance-friendly brake tester analyses the conditions of the brakes on almost all types of motorcycles, scooters and side-cars.

This model offers a complete range of brake testing functions and is approved for Class 1 & 2 testing in the UK. Special attention has been given to prevent damage to the tyres. The rollers quickly stop when slippage occurs, even during the start-up of the motors.

The DE/9015 roller brake tester is equipped with a 4-point weighing system as standard. This system automatically weighs each wheel and can therefore calculate the brake efficiency for each brake control system by relating the brake forces of that system to the total weight of the motorcycle.

The DE/9015 requires a floor recess to be formed. An optional frame has been developed to help create an accurate recess. In addition, the large LED display can be mounted on a pedestal for extra flexibility in positioning the brake tester.

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