Mini Plus Decelerometer

Product Number: DE-9046

Product Description

The unit is approved by regulatory authorities around the world and in the UK by the DVSA for all classes of MOT testing. The unit can be mounted in any position and is self-orienting. Once securely mounted, a test takes no more time than that required to accelerate the vehicle and then bring it back to rest. The Mini Plus evaluates the performance of the vehicle braking system by measuring the triaxial deceleration: forward, sideways and vertical, distance to stop and the lateral deviation within the lane.

The easy to use keypad and LCD display enables the examiner to enter customer details and can store up to 90 tests. The test results can be printed to your printer using the RS232 port or by IRDA to the optional infra red printer. With calibration required at only 24 month intervals and its compact and lightweight design, the Mini Plus must be your first choice for a decelerometer. Using the optional Serial Interface and software, test results can be downloaded to a local PC where they can be stored and archived for future reference. The software also allows for more detailed examination of the brake test results, including graphic representations of each brake test.

We can also supply a Motorcycle Magnetic Fitting Kit option OA/61136

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