Case study Re-instating Class 4 MOT Under New Ownership – GT Autos Ayr

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In 2022, George Jones and his parents, Helen and Trevor, decided to start a vehicle service and repair business. Their search for suitable premises in their hometown of Ayr identified an appropriate location, but some alterations would be required.

“A lot has changed since the original MOT testing approval was granted for this workshop location.”

The site had previously been an MOT test centre. But much has changed since the workshop’s original testing approval, including the wheelbases of modern Class 4 vehicles. The existing MOT lift was 4.3m in length, and the family team planned on taking the opportunity to upgrade to a longer 5.2m MOT lift with suspension play detectors to enable one-person testing.

They contacted Heather Hyslop at Dingbro, one of Tecalemit’s largest distributors in Scotland. Heather brought in Jack Finnan, Dingbro’s Area Sales Manager, who works collaboratively with Jim McDermott, Tecalemit’s sales manager in Scotland. Jack and Jim visited the team at GT Autos to survey the workshop and discuss their specific equipment requirements.

“The floor recess would need to be extended in length and width.”

Several detailed measurements later, Jim concluded that there was sufficient room to accommodate a Tecalemit SF/9057 5.2m ATL lift. Still, some modifications would need to be made to the building to accommodate the new equipment. The existing recess would need to be expanded considerably to house the larger lift.

The brake tester recess would also need relocating to achieve the DVSA’s requirements between the lift and the brake tester. A roof truss also required modification to meet the DVSA’s minimum height regulations in the lifting area.

The team at GT Autos had anticipated that significant groundwork would be required. With this in mind, they purchased a forklift truck to help lift and shift material on-site. The forklift would also prove helpful to the Tecalemit engineers when installing the equipment.

“The washroom sewer pipes are right under where we need to extend the lift recess.”

Jim prepared a layout drawing to support their DVSA VT01 application. Agreement In Principle (AIP) was obtained on the first application, a benefit of working with Tecalemit’s experienced MOT specialists. With AIP granted, it was time to remove the existing Tecalemit 4-post lift and roller brake tester. Once completed, the jackhammer was deployed to commence the excavations of the recesses.

Shortly after the ‘big dig’ was started, Jim’s phone rang. “Jim, our time plan looks to have run into a problem. The washroom sewer pipes are right under where we need to extend the lift recess.” Whilst this presented a bit of a challenge for the overall time plan of the project, it is nothing that Jim has not experienced with the many MOT Bays he has undertaken over his many years with Tecalemit.

Jim arranged to visit the site to determine a revised schedule, adjusting the planned equipment delivery and install dates appropriately. With the extra civil work time required, the last thing that GT Autos needed was a Class 4 LWB MOT lift and brake tester, plus the ancillary equipment cluttering the site.

“The impact on workshop floor space can be minimised by combining the brake tester controls with the emissions tester cabinet.”

With the project’s schedule adjusted, the sewage system was re-routed, and the recesses for the new equipment were finally completed. For the brake tester, the team at GT Autos chose to use the Tecalemit recess frame, which helps the builder create an accurate recess essential for the brake tester in ATL format. Integral with the brake tester in ATL configuration are load-weighing cells that entirely automate the brake force calculations. The brake tester must ‘float’ on the weighing cells, and precise clearances are required around the brake tester to allow this.

GT Autos chose a Tecalemit headlamp beam tester with laser alignment to accompany the new ATL lift and brake tester with a large hi-visibility LED display screen. A Tecalemit combined emissions tester with a large workstation cabinet would also house the control unit for the brake tester. A Class 4 site pack, with pedal depressor and viewing mirrors, would complete the list of equipment required for DVSA one-person testing.

The groundwork was completed following the revised timetable, with the equipment delivery and installation happening shortly after. All that remained was for G T Autos to get operational sign-off from the DVSA, and they would be a fully functioning MOT test station.

Tecalemit would like to thank Helen, Trevor & George for choosing Tecalemit Garage Equipment to supply their new Class 4 ATL MOT bay. We wish them all well with their new operation and are delighted to hear they completed thirty-two MOTs within the first two weeks of DVSA operational sign-off.

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