Case study Giving The Blue Light To Lift Electric Vehicles

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Humberside’s Emergency Services Fleet Management (ESFM) is a joint venture company between the area’s Police and Fire & Rescue services, providing fleet management and engineering technical support from a single location. This collaboration allows them to adapt to operational priorities and support frontline services quickly.

Through their vehicle and equipment workshop, ESFM demonstrates how emergency services can work together to provide a state-of-the-art facility at a much lower cost. Despite financial pressures, these two local blue light services are proving they can still offer a great service to the public. ESFM is a successful example of true partnership working, delivering efficiencies in the public sector.

Recently, ESFM reassessed their vehicle lifting requirements and ascertained that they now needed to lift electric vehicles (EVs) safely. After evaluating the various options, the team at ESFM decided that Tecalemit’s SF/9235/EVR best suited their needs. The SF/9235/EVR is designed as an innovative and efficient lifting solution to accommodate the growing number of hybrids and EVs on the road.

With a lifting capacity of 3.5t, a fast lifting time of 45 seconds, adjustable arms and a low pad lifting height of just 95mm, the SF/9235/EVR is designed to make life easier. Where this versatile 2-post lift shines is with its innovative EV lifting forks. Using the EV lifting forks is as simple as removing and replacing the lift pads with the forks. With no special tools, the switch can be made as easily as changing your shoes.

Given the changing vehicle parc and the growing need for lifting solutions for the ever-increasing number of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, we are sure that many more workshops will realise the need to future-proof themselves as ESFM have. As the automotive industry evolves, workshops and garages must adapt to the changing landscape. One thing is for sure, the rise of EVs is changing how we drive and the equipment needed to maintain them.

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