DE/9045/CON AutoStop MicroPlus Decelerometer

Product Number: DE/9045/CON

Product Description

For a convenient and DVSA-approved option for brake testing on passenger vehicles and motorcycles, DE/9045/CON serves as an excellent compact decelerometer. You can mount the unit anywhere in a car, and it will self-orient by determining its position at the start of each test. The unit measures tri-axial and forward deceleration and can store up to 10 tests. The operation of this device is simple, with only three buttons to navigate. The test results can easily be downloaded to a computer using the connection kit and sent to the DVSA MTS system.

  • Compact, battery-powered, vehicle brake performance tester
  • Multi-channel sensors measure the tri-axial deceleration of any vehicle
  • Evaluates the performance of the brakes by measuring forward deceleration, speed and stopping distance
  • Accurate and easy to use with a simple three-button operation
  • Approved ‘Connected Equipment’ for all classes of MOTs
  • Supplied with PC software to communicate with the DVSA MTS system*


*To communicate with the DVSA MTS System, software must be installed on a Windows 10 PC, and the PC must have internet access to receive and transmit data to the DVSA.



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