CV MOT Authorised Testing Facility (ATF)

Tecalemit CV MOT Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) are pit based test lanes featuring heavy duty axle play detectors, a HGV Roller Brake Tester, HGV approved Headlamp Beam Tester and Diesel Emissions Tester.  Tecalemit also supply all of the smaller ancillary items such as signage and shadow boards.

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Tecalemit approved Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) equipment carries full DVSA accreditation and has been developed specifically to meet the needs of both the test lane and busy servicing facilities.

The UK ATF program introduces new contractual obligations to the testing facility operator and requires a significant commitment of resource.

Tecalemit is unique amongst suppliers of testing equipment in that our product offering extends to a guaranteed level of after sales support, ensuring that the commitment made by you, the operator, is backed up by an equivalent commitment from your key supplier.

Tecalemit can supply, install and support your complete ATF Test Facility.

Our product range includes:

  • Pre-Fabricated Inspection Pits
  • Hydraulic Pit Jacks
  • Brake Testers
  • Emission Testers
  • Wheel Play Detectors
  • Headlamp Beam Testers
  • All ancillary products

For more information, see the following Product Brochure

Authorised Testing Facility Product Brochure

Pictures show various views of Tecalemit's installed garage and servicing equipment on the new site.

Pit Bays

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