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The TIRO PLUS Tyre Bay Package From Tecalemit

We have produced a new tyre bay package building on our proven TIRO machines to celebrate our centenary. These new TIRO PLUS models are full of features often only found on more expensive equipment.

Tecalemit's TIRO PLUS automatic tyre changer provides the proven performance required in modern, demanding tyre shops.

It comes equipped with three assist arms to effortlessly fit reduced flex tyre side-walls featured on Run-Flat and low-profile tyres.


The TIRO PLUS Wheel Balancer From Tecalemit

Tecalemit's TIRO PLUS automatic wheel balancer provides the proven performance required in modern, demanding tyre shops.

The TBM/TIROPLUS features automatic data input for ease of operator use. The 6 programs (2 for motorcycle) simplifies the selection of appropriate weight position on the rim. The timesaving wheel data memory function stores up to four wheel size combinations.

Re-facing Supercar Brake Discs Using A Pro-Cut On-car Brake Lathe

Optimum braking performance is only achieved when the brake pad has properly bedded into the brake disc. Using a Pro-cut Brake Lathe provides a perfect surface for efficient and effective bedding in, without replacing expensive discs

Tecalemit GTR-8400 - 3D Computerised 4 Camera Wheel Alignment System

The Tecalemit GTR/8400 is a powerful 3D computerised wheel alignment system for checking and adjusting car and van wheel alignment. Using machine vision software and high-precision image targets is fast, accurate and easy to use.

ATF Lanes and Commercial Vehicle Brake Testers From Tecalemit

Where you buy from can be just as important as what you buy. At Tecalemit we offer what we think is one of the most personalised testing facilities development services in the trade. This is because we focus on the people and the place, as well as the product, to ensure that we supply a tailored solution...

Premium Tyre Changers from Tecalemit

In this video, we feature some key benefits offered by Tecalemit's premium tyre changers. Tecalemit's tyre changer range offers a variety of specifications to suit every type of tyre and wheel servicing facility. The range encompasses an entry-level product, for low volume work, through to fully automatic machines for high throughput tyre shops.

Trackalign GTR-400 Series From Tecalemit

Tecalemit's GTR/400 series Laser Wheel Alignment System The Trackalign GTR/400 series is a premium 4 Wheel Laser Alignment system specifically designed to utilise the minimum of workshop storage space without compromising on Tecalemit’s legendary product quality...

Using Haweka's DuoExpert & QuickPlate Systems for Perfect Balancing Re…

See how you too can have professionally centred rims at the hub with the even and consistent pressure applied through the ProGrip quick nut on the QuickPlate and DuoExpert systems...

Tecalemit "What's In A Name" Film Circa 1952

This TWW advertising magazine offers insight into the Tecalemit's production facility in Marsh Mills, Plymouth in the early 1950's. This film highlights some of the products produced by Tecalemit during this era, ranging from a simple oil filter all the way to fire tenders for the MoD.

From Bare Shell To Fully Operational ATL Test Centre In Less Than 6 Months

Tecalemit is one of the few companies in the UK able to offer a true turnkey solution to clients seeking to commission a new vehicle workshop or MOT test centre.

Tecalemit DE/9700 Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester

Tecalemit's DVSA ATF Approved Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester For Trucks, Coach & Bus The DE/9700 Commercial Brake Tester from Tecalemit is the first commercial vehicle brake tester (CVBT) to be designed and manufactured specifically to meet UK Authorised Testing Facilities (ATF) testing requirements.

The WAVE 5 Wheel Balancer range from Tecalemit

Tecalemit’s WAVE5 wheel balancers come equipped with either a 22” interactive touchscreen monitor (idea for high volume of tyre shops) or a colour 7“ LCD display with integrated keyboard. The design and interface allows for high performance and accuracy when balancing most types of car, motorcycle and van wheels...

Aftersales Support from Tecalemit

You need excellent service when choosing great equipment, and Tecalemit offers you both. 

You can benefit from our team of factory-trained Service Engineers across Great Britain to support our comprehensive range of equipment. We provide servicing, calibration and general equipment maintenance to thousands of garages and workshops, ensuring their equipment remains in the best condition and delivering outstanding service.

Wise Fleet Maintenance - A Tecalemit Commercial Installation

We installed a 16t 4-post lift with a 8m platform complete with jacking beam to suit. Wise Fleet Maintenance's workshop also features Haweka laser wheel alignment and a Tecalemit headlamp beam tester, all of which have a staring role in this short promotional video.

We love the DE/9700 – it’s a smart piece of kit

Peter Green Chilled is a leading provider of temperature-controlled logistics services operating across the UK and Europe – and its sophisticated vehicle fleet gets the very highest levels of servicing and maintenance.

AXIS 500 & (S.A.D.) Lane Departure System

Are You Ready For May 20th?

The emissions testing process for Diesel Engines is changing. On May 20th, it will be a legal requirement for all Vehicle Testing Stations to have:

Tecalemit Class IV and VII MOT & ATL Scissor Lift

Includes flush-fitting bearing-mounted radius plates and hydraulic wheel play detector plates with stabilisation bar. Recessed or floor level installation. Want one? / +44 (0) 01752 219111 / [email protected]

Tecalemit TCP/55/270 Acoustically Lined compressor

Introducing the Tecalemit Silenced Piston Compressor, with 270 litre air receiver tank and compact dimensions.

Tecalemit Brake Lathe

The Tecalemit Brake Lathe for cars & vans is the undisputed leader worldwide for machining discs directly on the vehicle, taking less than 9 minutes to complete!

Tecalemit SF/8030 Extra-low Profile Scissor Lift

The SF/8030 scissor lift from Tecalemit is a surface mounted, extra low profile, frame contact scissor lift. The lift has been designed to lift most standard cars and car derived vans up to a gross vehicle weight of 3000kg.

Tecalemit Sentinel 4 Tonne 2 Post Lift SF/9207

The benefits of choosing a Tecalemit SF/9207: it is mounted on a heavy duty steel base frame, providing a stable lifting platform. Plus, the minimum lifting pad height of only 100mm ensures that even vehicles with low ground clearance can be accommodated on the lift

One Week In A Warehouse

A behind the scenes look at Tecalemit's 2017 equipment photo shoot in Milton Keynes.

M&B MOT and Service Centre - Eastleigh

The M&B MoT and Service Centre in Woodside Road, Eastleigh, is a new venture for M&B Fuel Injection – a well-established company owned by director Barry Mosedale. The two operations are run separately but on adjacent premises, so they can share resources at busy times.

Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) and the Tecalemit DE9/700 Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester

Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) and the Tecalemit DE/9700 Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester. A film about the very latest Tecalemit technology for Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) – including the Tecalemit DE9700 Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester, which has technology designed to increase longevity and reduce downtime.

Oil Spills - Tecalemit Bio Clean Up System

OIL SPILLS - THE TECALEMIT BIO CLEAN UP SYSTEM Oil spills are a health and safety risk and a nuisance in all garages, MoT centres, tyre fit centres, workshops, factories, assembly operations, vehicle fleet service centres and any engineering or manufacturing environment.

Lifting Power

Proven vehicle lift technology helps businesses to thrive – Tecalemit’s product portfolio includes pretty much anything you need to run a garage, MoT or tyre fitting centre, and has lifts for every situation.

Tecalemit Bio CleanUp System

Some garages still clean components using a smelly, flammable tank of solvent or petrol. This one minute film shows a 21st Century solution which is cleaner, more efficient, safer ... and which costs no more.

Tecalemit's Got Your Back! A one minute film about the trust we place in the components we use.

Some people use cheap imported parts on a vehicle lift, put a vehicle weighing several tonnes on the ramp....and work underneath it all day! Genuine replacement parts and components can be trusted - and won't let you down.

How Tecalemit reduces cost and maximises profit for garages and MOT centres

This film goes behind the scenes at the Tecalemit Service Centre near Plymouth in the UK. It shows the highly experienced, technically qualified staff who operate the centre giving genuine advice to garage equipment customers and arranging calls by Tecalemit engineers to repair or service equipment – whether or not Tecalemit made it.

Tecalemit 4 Wheel Laser Alignment Promotional Video

A promotional video showing a 4 wheel laser alignment & adjustment on a car on a two post lift.

Tecalemit 4 Wheel Laser Alignment Training

Training Video for users of the Tecalemit GTR 400 range of 4 wheel laser alignment equipment

Tecalemit ATL

Tecalemit talks you through a complete MOT on a Class VII ATL Bay. Showing the eRoadworthy, the SF 9257 Quadra 4 Post Lift, a Dix Emission Tester, Brake Tester, Headlamp Beam Tester & Ancillary products.

Tecalemit ATL Roller Brake Tester

Tecalemit demonstrates a Roller Brake Tester as part of a MOT on Class VII ATL.

Tecalemit ATL Headlamp Beam Tester

Tecalemit demonstrates a headlamp beam tester during an MOT test on Class VII ATL.

Tecalemit ATL Testimonial

Tecalemit introduces an ATL Bay and shows a testimonial from a happy customer!

Tecalemit ATL Dix Emissions Tester

Tecalemit demonstrates a Dix Emission Tester as part of a MOT test on a Class VII ATL.

Tecalemit ATL 4 Post Lift

Tecalemit shows an MOT taking place on a 4 post Quadra Lift. Showing the lift ascent and descent and the radius plates and shaker plates as well as demonstrating the unique lift controls which incorporate the light.

Haweka Axis 4000 HGV Wheel Alignment

Tecalemit demonstrates the smart mobile camera system for wheel alignment of commercial vehicles

CV3000 On-truck Brake Disc Lathe

Specially designed for easy and fast turning of brake discs on the axle of trucks, busses and light commercial vehicles without taking off the brake disc from the wheel hub.

HAWEKA ProBike motorcycle wheel-clamping device from Tecalemit

HAWEKA's ProBike motorcycle wheel-clamping device, with related accessories, enables simple and exact centring of motorcycle wheels on a wheel balancing machine. Depending on which type of wheel balancing machine the ProBike wing is attached to,...

HAWEKA AXIS 500 from Tecalemit

 The AXIS 500 truck laser wheel aligner from HAWEKA, uses their vast experience from the earlier models to create a state of the art laser aligner. At home in the workshop or on the road as a mobile unit, the AXIS 500 delivers fast and accurate results. The AXIS 500 laser aligner joins the expanding family of aligners in HAWEKA's AXIS Series.