Wise Group's 16.0t Heavy-duty 4-post lift

Case study Getting Wise About Heavy-Duty Lifts

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Kettering-based Wise Group has an extensive business offering in the transport sector. It recently installed a 16.0t heavy-duty commercial vehicle lift and a range of other equipment from Tecalemit.

Wise Group offers logistics operations, including general haulage and palletised distribution. They also have fully equipped workshops providing HGV and PSV fleet maintenance, diagnostics, HGV inspections and repairs. Maintenance packages include continuous maintenance and monitoring of fleets at a high-quality workshop equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment.

“Tecalemit has a very strong range of high-quality equipment”

Wise Group’s Managing Director Marcin Zajac explains, “People are an important part of our business. We take on well-trained and experienced vehicle fitters and recognise when supplier companies also have a high-calibre team. It’s what we look for because it gives you greater confidence that they’ll do what they say they’ll do. Tecalemit has a very strong range of high-quality equipment. For me, what set them apart was the ability to develop a great working relationship with their key people.”

The SF/8898/V 16.0t CV lift bought by Wise Group for their fleet maintenance division is a variation of our SF/9825 4-post 25.0t lift. These lifts accommodate many long-wheelbase and commercial vehicles. The SF/8898/V has an 8.0m lift platform and was supplied with a jacking beam. The lift is specifically designed for use with many heavy commercial vehicles. This includes laden vehicles, with a load distribution of 1/3rd 2/3rd front to rear.

“Tecalemit talked to us all the way through the process”

Marcin continued, “I’m very happy with the results – we have some seriously good new kit installed, which will enhance our ability to provide an excellent service to our own customers. Tecalemit talked to us all the way through the process. Lifts aren’t ‘off the shelf’ fast-moving consumer goods, they’re hefty pieces of engineering, and we do understand that no two installations will ever be exactly the same – that’s why the relationship with the supplier company is so important.”

Tecalemit’s range of heavy-duty 4-post lifts provides the perfect solution where static lifting is required and the movability of mobile column lifts is not essential. With a range of lifting capacities from 8.0t to 30.t and a choice of platform lengths of 6.2m – 9.0m, Tecalemit’s heavy-duty 4-post lifts are ideal for lifting most types of commercial vehicles. Contact us today for more information on the Tecalemit range of CV workshop equipment.

Wise Group's 16.0t Heavy-duty 4-post lift