Case study Innovative thinking helps us solve even the toughest challenges

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Underneath the arches, with trains rattling above, you can find an ATL bay that fits like a glove!

In London’s East End, you will find a wide variety of small businesses that have taken up space in arches underneath the capital’s rail network. One such business is Autocare, which occupies an arch close to Spitalfields Market. Here, Ariful wanted to offer a comprehensive range of services, from a simple oil change to a full service with an MOT. He needed to create an ATL test lane in space with many restrictions to do this. But other garage equipment suppliers visited and said that it could not be done.

However, Tecalemit’s local MOT specialist, Bernard Gravillis, was not put off and set about the challenge of making a test lane that met the DVSA requirements. After carefully measuring the site, Bernard drew up plans to fulfil the strict conditions of creating an MOT lest lane and make the best use of the available space. In similar workshops, the solution has been to dig down and construct an inspection pit, eliminating any height issues created by lifting a vehicle during testing.

Thinking Differently To Overcome Challenges

While an inspection pit is a recognised option when dealing with height issues, it does involve extensive groundwork. Bernard felt there was another solution that would reduce the amount of groundwork required. Ultimately, the final design utilised an SF/9094/EV ATL scissor lift, which only needed a small recess to be created for its installation. This solution meant Ariful avoided the expensive and complex excavations of a pit and could be operational in a shorter timeframe.

With a plan in place and Bernard’s assistance, the VT01 was submitted and ‘Approval in Principle’ was given. Work then started to make the plans a reality, installing the lift, Class 4 brake tester, and all the other ancillary items required to begin testing. We are sure you will agree that the finished result looks fantastic. Ariful now has an excellent, fully operational MOT test centre in what is possibly one of the nicest workshops we’ve seen underneath any arch.

So, to benefit from the experience of Bernard Gravillis and his fellow Workshop Equipment Specialists, call Tecalemit on 01752 219111 and turn your MOT plans into reality.