Class 7 MOT Bays

Tecalemit Class 7 MOT bays are available in a variety of formats. Options include two-person testing (MOT), One-Person Test Lane (OPTL) or Automated Test Lane (ATL).

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Class 7 Bays - Format Options

Class 7 MOT bays test goods vehicles with DGW up to 3,500kg. Some Class 7 testing stations can be authorised to test Class 5 vehicles with a DGW of up to 5,000kg known as Class 5L.

Tecalemit's Class 7 bays are also approved for Class 4 testing. Additional elements can be added to cater for testing Class 1 & 2 motorcycles, subject to DVSA layout requirements.

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Pit Bays - Class 7

If height restrictions in your workshop prevent you from using a lift that meets DVSA requirements, rest assured that Tecalemit's inspection pit is a reliable alternative. Recessed play detectors, radius plates, and a jacking beam allow for efficient one-person testing. Additionally, you can take advantage of Tecalemit's DVSA-connected brake and emission testers, making it a convenient, all-in-one solution for MOT testing.

4-Post Lift Bays - Class 7

A Tecalemit 4-post lift MOT bay can be created using various lift capacities and platform lengths to suit both the size of the premises and the profile of the vehicles being tested. Depending upon the available space, a 4-post lift from Tecalemit can be either recessed or surface-mounted. A DVSA-connected brake and emission tester, plus ancillary items from Tecalemit, provide garages with a one-stop shop for MOT.

Scissor Lift Bays - Class 7

If you have a narrower workshop and need a lift bay, then the Tecalemit scissor lift bay is an outstanding choice. With no lifting posts, achieving the essential clearance around the lift becomes more manageable. Moreover, Tecalemit provides a comprehensive range of ancillary items, including DVSA-connected brake and emission testers, making it an ideal solution for garages looking to add MOT services.

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