Case study Two Specialists Explain Their Choice Of Wheel Aligner

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The days of laying tracking gauges on the floor and driving over them are long gone. Today you need to align all four wheels on a car to get the best results. Our range of professional wheel alignment equipment covers everything from basic laser wheel aligners to more advanced computerised models. Tecalemit’s GTR/3020 is a super-fast, computerised wheel alignment system suitable for use in tyre, body, and workshops. The GTR/3020 makes car wheel alignment quick and easy within an affordable budget. But don’t just take our word for it! Read on to find out what other professionals have said about this fantastic piece of kit.

Located in the Cotswolds, R J Bradley is a small company run by motorsport enthusiasts that prepare vehicles for road, race, and track day according to customer specifications. To ensure accurate and reliable wheel alignment, Bradleys required a camera wheel aligner that is easy and quick to use. After evaluating various options, owner Andrew Bradley selected our wheel aligner because it meets all their requirements. Our aligner utilises proven 8 CCD technology and sensors to measure all angles of both vehicle axles. As Andrew explains,

“I am very happy with this equipment as it suits my needs perfectly. Its accuracy is amazing. After I have aligned a car, I don’t need to test drive it because I know it will always be correct.”

Paul Gunter was surprised at the cost of wheel alignment equipment when he searched for it for his independent Land Rover workshop in Herefordshire. He often needs to realign Range Rover Sports and Discovery 3 and 4 models, which require frequent suspension arm replacements. He ultimately chose our system because it met his needs. The software is easy to use, with 3D graphics, and allows for a comprehensive measurement in just a few minutes. Paul was pleased to say,

“I have found [this] 4-wheel camera aligner offers all the accuracy, performance, and reliability of far more expensive equipment. I would be happy for any potential customers to call me, and I will tell them how good it is.”

Tecalemit offers a full range of wheel alignment systems which are fast, precise, and easy to use. Any workshop can offer this as a supplementary service which could make them some much-needed additional profits. All you need is some space and our equipment, and you, too, could see a great return on your investment.

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