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Product Description

Perfect Centring – HAWEKA DuoExpert

The HAWEKA DuoExpert from Tecalemit is a tolerance-free expanding collet system. Used in conjunction with a QuickPlate, the vehicle wheel can be mounted to the wheel balancer in a configuration that replicates the vehicle ‘on hub’ mounting. This results in a greater balance accuracy whilst preventing damage to the centre cap aperture on expensive alloy wheels. The patented expanding collet system by HAWEKA has enabled ‘tolerance free’ balancing for hub-located (centre bore) wheels.

Why Is This Important?

Most of the vehicle manufacturer’s wheels today are hub-located. This means the wheel fits tightly over a machined hub, and the wheel nuts provide even torque to ensure that the wheel is at 90 degrees to the hub. The DuoExpert system allows the after-market to replicate this and achieve the same balance results as the vehicle manufacturer.

How Does This Work?

The DuoExpert collet is cylindrical, just like the hub of a vehicle. When fully clamped on the wheel balancer, it has zero-tolerance between the wheel centre hole and outer segments. It, therefore, takes full advantage of how the wheel and the vehicle hub are manufactured. The DuoExpert collets are used instead of cones and are recommended by many vehicle manufacturers and made mandatory by others like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and more.

DuoExpert Individual Collets & Kits

  • Collet No 1 54 – 62mm HAW/165 400 001
  • Collet No 2 62 – 70mm HAW/165 400 002
  • Collet No 3 70 – 78mmHAW/165 400 003
  • Collet No 4 78 – 86mm HAW/165 400 004
  • Collet No 5 86 – 94mm HAW/165 400 006
  • DuoExpert Series III Set Of 3 – Range 54-78mm HAW/165 400 005
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