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Product Number: Haweka Hub Centring System

Product Description

Hub centring sets by HAWEKA are available for almost all wheel balancers

Most manufacturers of wheel balancers have incorporated rear hub centring as their preferred set-up for their equipment. This system of rear cone centring is primarily for use with steel wheels and standard tyres. For alloy wheels and low-profile or run-flat tyres, it is recommended to use Haweka’s DuoExpert and QuickPlate systems for the best results.

Wheel balancers often come with 3 or 4 cones, usually covering 42-110mm, as part of the standard delivery contents of the machine. In addition, several extra cones and accessories are recommended to allow a tyre fitter to balance a more comprehensive range of wheels.

Light Truck Cone & Spacer Kit – HAW/150400091
Double-sided cone 122-150mm / 147-174mm + Spacer disc

Intermediate Cone – HAW/150400049
95-132mm cone for SUVs and some 4x4s

4×4 Cone – HAW/150400092
100-118mm cone for 4x4s and some Light Trucks

36mm Spacer Ring – HAW/190E008047
For use with Intermediate Cone

15mm Spacer Ring – HAW/1900080032
For use with 4×4 Cone


Replacement centring cones are also available, covering the following sizes:

HAW/150400008 Centring cone 43-64.5mm
HAW/150400009 Centring cone 54-79.5mm
HAW/150400011 Centring cone 44-80mm
HAW/150400012 Centring cone 74-111.5mm
HAW/150400022 Centring cone 168.5-194.5mm
HAW/150400024 Centring cone 198-225mm
HAW/150400025 Centring cone for trucks 277.4-283mm
HAW/150400043 Centring cone 122-174mm


Please note the above cone part numbers are for standard 40mm balancing shafts. Cones are also available to suit 28mm, 36mm, and 38mm balancing shafts – please call for full details.

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