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Tecalemit Tackles Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Testing

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The yearly MOT test is crucial for commercial vehicles and is integral to a fleet manager’s maintenance schedule. It is a legal requirement to have a valid MOT test certificate for all fleet vehicles. Ensuring that the workshop prepares the vehicles according to MOT standards is also essential. This will help to achieve a high rate of first-time MOT passes while maintaining fleet reliability and safety.

As a supplier of DVSA-approved testing equipment, Tecalemit offers a full range of specialist products to enable safe and compliant vehicle maintenance, including testing suspension, emissions, headlamps, and brakes. The benefits of regular brake testing are well known. However, the administrative challenge it places upon the fleet operator can still be significant. Commercial fleet operators need to keep their vehicles rolling to get a good return on their investment. The downtime associated with organising and undertaking brake tests can disrupt the business’s day-to-day operational flow.

Mobile Brake Testing Solutions

The DE/9722 mobile commercial vehicle brake tester from Tecalemit offers an ideal solution. This mobile brake tester provides highly accurate, efficient testing for many heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, coaches, and buses. As the brake tester is surface-mounted, the equipment can move easily between locations and quickly set up to test. The DE/9722 is an innovative and highly functional mobile brake tester that benefits from approval for ATF testing.

Tecalemit’s mobile brake tester is ideal for operators performing tests on their vehicles and conducting diagnostic or post-repair testing. Brake performance testing is a vital part of a fleet’s maintenance programme that needs to happen at every safety inspection. To that end, the DE/9722 is simple to use and, upon completion, produces a printed report detailing the information required by DVSA.

Professional Play Detection

While periodic checks of CV braking systems are a priority for every operator’s safety regime, fleet operators must also consider steering and suspension components. Detecting wear and play in steering or suspension joints can be made quickly and safely by installing Tecalemit’s DVSA-approved CV play detectors or shaker plates as they are otherwise known. In effect, Tecalemit’s DE/7353 play detectors allow technicians to subject a vehicle to the same test used in Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs).

By testing to the same standard, technicians can identify and rectify potential MOT failure items before the test. This can save significant vehicle downtime from dealing with an MOT failure and time-consuming return visits for re-testing. This testing method also allows the examination of components for wear safely, avoiding the need to handle the road wheel or use pry bars to identify steering and suspension joint movement.

Smoke & Lights Complete The Package

Headlamp aim plays a significant part in many CV test failures. Headlamp aim checks and adjustments should be part of every vehicle’s maintenance routine. Tecalemit’s DE/7588 CV beam tester accommodates commercial vehicle headlamp systems within its testing range. The DE/7588 has a range of adjustments on three axes with an integral laser to set screen height and a transversely mounted lined mirror to set the lateral alignment of the beam tester. The optical box height adjusts easily with a counterbalance to aid adjustment. The DE/7588 also comes with an integral RS232 port enabling the download of test results.

Regular vehicle emission testing ensures vehicles operate within the legal limits and can help with fuel consumption. Tecalemit’s TD/MDS/350 smoke meter is a standalone emission tester in a large, mobile cabinet workstation for manoeuvrability. The workstation accommodates the power supply and communication modules while providing storage for probes and hoses. The Tecalemit Class 1 diesel smoke chamber communicates with the control system via cable-free Bluetooth. This allows the smoke chamber to operate anywhere within a 100m range of the cabinet.

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