Mobile Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester

Product Number: DE/9722

Product Description

The DE/9722 Mobile Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester from Tecalemit provides highly accurate efficiency testing for all types of heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, coaches, buses and light commercial vehicles. The DE/9722 is an innovative and highly functional mobile brake tester that benefits from GEA approval for ATF testing.

As the brake tester is surface mounted, eliminating groundwork, the equipment can move easily between locations and quickly set up to test. The DE/9722 is simple to use and, upon completion of testing, produces a printed report detailing the information required by DVSA in the UK.

The Tecalemit DE/9722 Mobile Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester is ideal for fleet operators carrying out periodic testing of their vehicles and for servicing facilities conducting diagnostic testing or post-repair testing of vehicles. It is also a fantastic alternative to the Tecalemit DE/9700 in-ground CV brake tester.

Product Features
  • Mobile design for easy positioning
  • High friction durable rollers
  • Roller Assist for easy access and egress
  • 20.0t axle load capacity
  • 11kW motors
  • IP54 Protection
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Suitable for testing 4WD vehicles
  • Options for laptop or PC with workstation
  • Optional in-vehicle display using Android tablet or phone
Maintaining Roadworthiness

Brake performance testing is a vital part of a fleet’s maintenance programme that needs to happen at every safety inspection. The DVSA recommends using a roller brake tester (RBT) at each safety inspection. They also advise that a printout of the brake efficiency test from the RBT should be attached to the safety inspection record. Tecalemit’s DE/9722 offers a practical solution for fleet operators looking to bring brake testing in-house and meet the DVSA’s recommendations.

As specialists in heavy-duty vehicle lifts and testing equipment for commercial vehicle workshops, Tecalemit can provide you with everything you need to succeed. So call us today to learn more about how Teaclemit can help make your fleet safer. 

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