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Brake Lathes: Skim Your Way To Profit

Whether or not to skim brake discs is an interesting question. For some, it is seen as an old-fashioned practice, a relic of the days when mechanics would strip down parts, only replace damaged components, and they would spend time investigating faults. Today, the approach taken is replace, replace, replace. So now, when an engine

Another Tailored Tecalemit MOT Bay

Sutton Car Care, located in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, offers a wide range of mechanical repair services, vehicle maintenance, and replacement tyres. When the team there decided to expand their services to include MOTs, they sought help from Tecalemit. As part of our MOT consultation service, their local Sales Manager, Bernard, guided them through

Decrease Your Suspense With A CV Play Detector

As all CV workshops know, the annual MOT test forms the basis of a vehicle’s maintenance calendar. However, in addition to the legal requirement to have a vehicle pass its MOT test, fleet operators must also consider their responsibilities for maintaining vehicles in a roadworthy condition. Outside of the daily walkaround check, operators must run

Decrease Your Suspense With A CV Play Detector

Used Oil: Waste Not, Want Not

Engine oil does not actually wear out, it simply becomes contaminated with dirt. Fortunately, it can be cleaned and refined for reuse many times over. However, properly collecting used oil is crucial in preventing environmental pollution. If used oil ends up in our water sources, it can have severe consequences for wildlife, plant life, and

Tecalemit’s most popular product for used oil recovery is the SL/9001/B gravity collection unit with pump discharge. These are sometimes otherwise known as oil Daleks.

The Benefits of Using a Tecalemit Wheel Balancer

A wheel balancer is a particularly vital piece of equipment for any garage or tyre shop. It helps to improve the safety and performance of a vehicle by balancing the wheels and tyres precisely. When a wheel is out of balance, it can cause several problems, including: Vibrations that travel through the steering wheel and

Wheel Balancer Wave5

How Electric Vehicles are Changing the Game for Workshops

As the world shifts towards more sustainable modes of transportation, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. However, this shift is also causing a ripple effect in the automotive industry, with workshops having to adapt to the changing landscape. As the automotive industry evolves, workshops and garages must adapt to the changing landscape. But one

Electric Vehicle Charging

Tyre Fitting Equipment from Tecalemit

There are tyre changers, and then there is Tyre Fitting Equipment. That is one of the main misunderstandings we have come across because tyre changers can vary massively, even if, at first glance, they all appear similar. For example, structural rigidity is one of the most critical features of any tyre changer. Exclusive to our

Have you talked to the MOT experts yet?

Tecalemit offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of MOT testing equipment. This includes some of the most advanced products on the market today. All our equipment can be supplied either individually or as part of a complete test lane package. Tecalemit MOT equipment is manufactured primarily in the UK or Europe and can be

Class 7 ALT MOT bay

Wheel Alignment: Why is it so Important?

Wheel alignment is still one of the fastest-growing and most profitable automotive services. Tecalemit’s Trackalign products make accurate wheel alignment quick and easy with a range of models to suit all budgets. Any workshop can offer this as a supplementary service which could make them some much-needed additional profits. Tecalemit offers a full range of

GTR/3020 wheel alignment system in-use on a lift