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Looking for a reason to invest in a CV brake tester?

Brake efficiency tests could be one of the most critical parts of your preventative maintenance routines. It is recommended that a calibrated roller brake tester be used during the safety inspection to record both brake efficiencies and overall braking performance. However, many fleet operators still outsource this vital activity, resulting in a reduction of the

Tecalemit Keeps The Big Wheels Turning

Over on the Transport Operator website you can explore the efficiency and safety aspects of dealing with Commercial Vehicle tyres in high volume workshop operations and how Tecalemit can help. With a range of commercial vehicle tyre changers and wheel balancers plus an inflation cage, the heavy duty wheel service range from Tecalemit helps keep those big wheels turning.

Tecalemit Launch new ATF brake tester

Tecalemit have announced the introduction of their latest generation of heavy duty commercial vehicle brake tester. The all new DE 9700 range is the first brake tester to be manufactured that has been specifically designed from the ground up to meet the UK ATF testing requirements. Martyn Quick, Tecalemit Product Manager outlined some of the