Diesel Smoke Meter

Product Number: TD/MDS/350

Product Description

The TD/MDS/350 smoke meter is a standalone modular emission tester housed in a large workstation cabinet which is mounted on 4 large castor wheels for increased manoeuvrability.

The cabinet houses the power supply, communication modules and provides storage for probes and hoses. The Class I category diesel smoke chamber communicates with the control system via cable-free Bluetooth. The smoke chamber itself can be located anywhere within a 100m range of the cabinet and requires a separate 240v power supply for the transformer which reduces the operating voltage to 24vDC, conforming to recognised H&S requirements.

Test results can be transmitted to the A4 Inkjet printer (included with the package). The printer must be located separately, within an office area and paired directly via Wi-Fi to the emission tester mini PC. The range is subject to physical barriers and other wireless devices being used in the vicinity. The printer should be located no more than 10m from the mini PC.

The TD/MDS/350 can be upgraded to include NOx modules for diesel emission analysis with an additional cost option.

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