“The support from Tecalemit has been faultless”

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Vickers 4X4 invested in a brand-new MOT Lane from Tecalemit, and owner Ian Vickers described the technology as “incredible”. The firm is very focused on Yorkshire’s substantial agricultural sector – but the company can now handle any type of work, including MOTs right down to Class 1 & 2 motorcycles.

“We leapfrogged from having no MOT Lane at all to having one of the most sophisticated on the market, so that’s been quite a change for us,” Ian said.

“The technology is incredible – it takes the operator through the MOT for the specific vehicle on the brake tester in a very logical and stage-by-stage process.

“The speed of it takes some getting used to, which is great for customers, particularly when they need the vehicles in and out fast so they’re back on the road earning money.

“A lot of our customers are farmers, who are seriously busy people – they need these things done quickly and efficiently, and it’s our job to give them as little hassle as possible. A vehicle which is working is earning money, but one just out of action in the garage is costing money, so we need to provide a top-class service but do it in double quick time, and that’s what this technology allows us to do.”

Ian says, “We’ve had customers do a double-take when they see the huge wall-mounted electronic screen giving an instant, highly accurate read-out on their vehicle’s braking performance.

“It was a big decision and a significant investment, but it’s providing an entirely new income stream for us, and we’re very happy with the payback.

“The support from Tecalemit has been faultless, and that is a massive reassurance when you make a capital investment. The nightmare scenario would be buying a lot of expensive equipment which didn’t do what you needed it to do.”

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