Nick Gets Tecalemit To Flexx In Edmonton

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Nick Robinson, who runs the Flexx Service Centre, relies on Tecalemit for equipment and great advice.

Nick set the company up in the heart of Edmonton, North London. The building was not new … but Nick wanted a state-of-the-art operation with the equipment to match. Bernard Gravillis, Tecalemit’s London Area Sales Manager, was soon on the case – advising on the choice of equipment and providing an efficient interior design to ensure that the expensive North London real estate was optimised!

The centre is now fully operational, and the equipment is working hard. “We have a good relationship with Bernard,” said Nick. “He gave us a lot of good advice when we were setting up.”

Bernard said, “Starting a new business isn’t for the faint-hearted, and we weren’t by any means over one of the biggest recessions we’ve ever seen when Nick set up. Equipping a new workshop from scratch is a significant undertaking. If it works for the customer, it works for us because they’ll be customers for years to come. So when customers make a major investment with us, they’ll get all the support we can offer to make sure that it pays off.”

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