Tecalemit Provides Genuine Help to Customers

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“We don’t just sell things. We seek to understand the customer’s business model, aspirations, and plans so that we can help them achieve them.”

At Tecalemit, our customer-facing technical sales managers, led by Bernard Gravillis, are more than just salespeople. Bernard, a seasoned industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and an intuitive eye for problems. His expertise and experience are the foundation of our intelligent, cost-effective solutions. Bernard’s mission is to ensure that customers understand that Tecalemit is more than a company that sells garage equipment; we are a trusted partner in their business journey.

“We can guide customers when looking for garage and MOT premises on which buildings to choose, help with access issues, and use CAD to design their workshop equipment layouts, maximising space and allowing room for growth. We also help customers expand, squeezing in new revenue-earning operations without additional real estate.”

Vehicles From Another Era

“For example, some customers can find spacious post-war industrial premises in good locations for better prices, a pretty intelligent start for a business. It might mean lower overheads and those servicing light commercials may find potential customers in adjacent units. But older properties may have been built for smaller vehicles designed in the 1950s and 60s. Sometimes, we find access and work bays narrower, so we must be more creative when planning the equipment layout. Older premises often have unevenly poured concrete floors made hurriedly by unskilled labour, and modern vehicle lifts need flat surfaces of good-quality concrete for safe lift installation.

“Old-fashioned lightweight roofs can be supported by a latticework of slender metal beams, intruding into the overhead clearance area needed for lifts. That’s just an example. Every building has challenges, but whatever it is, we’ve seen it before. Our customers are practical people, but that combination of problems can be challenging, so we have the skills and resources to help because it’s in our interests that our customers succeed. We often find low-cost solutions, getting customers up and running fast. Our CAD software provides a three-dimensional plan so we can optimise layouts. And in Tecalemit’s massive product inventory, we can find precisely the right equipment for every part of the workshop.”

The Best Possible Advice

However, Bernard admits that some customers may have to be persuaded away from their original ideas. “We’ll give them the best advice, even if it’s not always good news, and a solution, not just a problem. When they realise you’ve saved money or given them greater capacity, you’ve the basis of a strong business relationship. Ultimately, it’s about trust. We’ll help customers maximise profit and avoid unnecessary costs and future problems. Because we’ve worked with many customers over the years, we’ve amassed the experience to do that well. You can’t buy that level of advice, but it would cost a fortune if you could. Our customers get it free.”

To benefit from the experience of Tecalemit’s nationwide Equipment Specialists, call the sales team on 01752 219111