Commercial Vehicle Hydraulic Play Detector 3ph

Product Number: DE-7353

Product Description

The DE/7353 hydraulic play detector is designed for statutory testing of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and Public Service Vehicles (PSV) in accordance with the MOT test. The play detector checks for play and wear in the suspension and steering parts. The system consists of two platforms and a control unit with a control lamp. The vehicle is placed with one axle on the platforms. The platforms will pull the wheels along, so the wheel will move relative to the vehicle body; this reveals play and wear in the suspension and steering components.

You control the platforms using a handheld control lamp. This means that you can move the platforms while you are underneath the vehicle to inspect it. A bracket is supplied for safe storage of the control lamp. It is essential to contact Tecalemit to arrange a site survey before ordering and before any civil works, ready for installation of the embedded frame.

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