The Importance of Wheel Balancing

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Your car’s tyres are an essential part of your vehicle. They provide traction and comfort on the road, but they also require proper maintenance. While most people understand the need for proper tyre inflation, many overlook the importance of wheel balancing. In this post, we will explore why wheel balancing is essential for your vehicle and your safety.

Wheels are initially balanced when the tyres are mounted. This is because wheels are not perfectly round, and tyres may have uneven weight distribution, leading to a harsh, bouncy ride. A technician can identify these imbalances by putting the wheel and tyre assembly on a balancing machine and attaching weights to the wheel. This reduces vibration during driving.

However, wheel balancing is also necessary throughout the life of your tyres. As your tyres roll over the road’s surface, small amounts of rubber are worn away, creating uneven wear patterns and imbalances that should be addressed through rebalancing.

Signs That Your Wheels Need Balancing

If you’re wondering when to balance your wheels, it’s best to follow the schedule recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Typically, it’s suggested to balance your wheels at every other service. In case you don’t have a regular garage, you can check if your wheels need balancing by watching for the following signs:

  • Vibrations felt through the steering wheel or the vehicle’s body, particularly at higher speeds, are common signs of imbalanced wheels
  • Excessive wear patterns on tyres, like cupping or scalloping, are common visual indications of wheel imbalance
  • Unusual noises, such as humming or droning sounds, may be a result of imbalanced wheels
  • If your vehicle is pulling to one side or you’re having trouble steering, it could be an indication of wheel imbalance

It is important to note the signs of unbalanced wheels, which include vibrations while driving at higher speeds and uneven tyre wear. In the case of severe tyre wear, replacement may be necessary instead of balancing. However, if the scalloping is mild, balancing your wheels now can improve treadwear and prolong the life of your tyres. Balancing is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance that is often overlooked.

We advise you not to wait until you experience vibrations or scalloping on your tyres to balance them. Instead, balance them during your next service to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Remember, proper wheel balance ensures a smooth ride, improves tyre longevity, and increases driving safety.