Looking to the future of the MOT

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After the recent consultation on MOTs was published, the government confirmed that it would not change the frequency of MOTs. At the same time, the government also ran a call for evidence on the future of the MOT to ensure it suits modern vehicles. They received extensive feedback from stakeholders involved in the MOT system.

Here are some of the key points from their latest update:

  • They are considering adding checks on ‘green’ technologies, such as EV battery health and PN testing.
  • They are looking at ways to improve the security of the MOT test, including potentially taking photos of vehicles during the test.
  • They may add checks for features on new cars, like how well EVs warn pedestrians of their presence.
  • They are still determining if advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) should be part of the MOT test.
  • They will work with all stakeholders to find solutions that balance safety, cost, and feasibility.