Titans of the Workshop: Meet Tecalemit’s Heavy-Duty Lifts

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Tecalemit is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of heavy-duty lifting solutions. Catering specifically to CV workshops, Tecalemit’s Leviathan range offers various options fit for the most demanding jobs. The Leviathan range has your back when it comes to servicing or repairing large vehicles. Choose from static options like 4-post or scissor lifts, or go for the ultimate flexibility with mobile column lifts configurable into multiple pairs for versatile lifting power.

At the Forefront of Performance

For static lifts, capacity and platform length are critical for many CV workshops. The Leviathan range of heavy-duty 4-post lifts starts with an 8t capacity with a choice of 6.2m or 8m platforms. Consideration also must be given to the access width between the columns. The 8t Leviathan offers a 3,300mm drive-through width and can be configured for surface or recess mounting.

Despite the increased capacity of Tecalemit’s Leviathan lifts, the minimum height for surface mount options starts at an impressive 190mm. These 4-post lifts can be accompanied by a suitable capacity jacking beam and further enhanced with optional lighting kits. Additional capacities include 12t, 16t, 25t and 30t options with platform lengths of up to 9m.

The 16t models increase the drive-through width to 3,500mm, providing extra clearance for buses and coaches with fixed mirrors. The platform widths are manufactured to ensure that the platform fully supports twin-wheeled vehicles. All models feature mechanical and hydraulic safety systems and acoustic warnings on the final descent.

A Smooth, Clear Solution

Alternatively, Tecalemit’s Leviathan range of heavy-duty scissor lifts is engineered to the highest standards, offering outstanding specifications, performance, and value for money. Leviathan scissor lifts are designed for recessed installation into the workshop floor, ensuring easy access for all types of vehicles and allowing free movement around the lift when not in use.

The absence of lift posts can improve the workshop layout with opportunities for positioning lifts closer together while maintaining mandatory health and safety requirements covering the distance between adjacent objects and the lift’s body.

These lifts are available in two lifting capacities, 10t or 20t, and four platform lengths. The lift platforms are fitted with jacking rails, allowing an appropriate jacking beam to be used. These lifts are also equipped with mechanical safety latching, hydraulic safety valves and automatic platform levelling with volumetric synchronisation to ensure that the lifting system achieves the highest internationally recognised safety standards.

Freedom and Flexibility

Tecalemit’s CV workshop equipment range includes the SF/9490 heavy-duty cable-free mobile column lift. Each column can handle up to 7.5t and can be used singularly, in pairs, or as a set of four, giving you the freedom to use your equipment however you need. Plus, with its wireless communication and heavy-duty battery pack, you do not need to worry about cables getting in the way.

Tecalemit’s SF/9490 is designed with convenience in mind. Its adjustable wheel forks make lifting anything from cars and vans to buses and HGVs easy without additional adaptors. Plus, with buttons that are easy to use, even with gloves on, you will have no problem operating this lift. Mobility within a CV workshop is also effortless, thanks to its robust wheels and hydraulic pallet truck-style hand controls.

Extra columns can be added to increase the lift’s overall capacity for maximum flexibility. The lift is expandable through its wireless configuration programme to 6, 8 or 12-column formations. The SF/9490 also has an advanced synchronisation system, ensuring smooth operation even if the columns are unevenly loaded.

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