SF/9440 Duro 4.0t 4.8m Low-profile Lift

Product Number: SF/9440

Product Description

The SF/9440 series scissor lift from Tecalemit is the perfect solution for workshops requiring the space-saving benefits of a scissor lift without the need to excavate a costly installation recess in the shop floor. Through ingenious engineering and the use of high-quality materials, the lowered height of the lift is an impressive 200mm, allowing easy access for most passenger cars and vans up to a gross weight of 4,000kg.

The SF/9440 has a range of lifting platform options. Operators can choose from a simple flat platform, perfect for general servicing and repair work or a platform fitted with rear slip plates enabling vehicle geometry checks and adjustments with or without an integral wheel-free lifting system.

  • 4.0t Low-profile Scissor Lift 3ph (SF/9440)
  • 4.0t Low-profile Scissor Lift 3ph with rear wheel slip plates (SF/9440/4)
  • 4.0t Low-profile Scissor Lift 3ph with rear slip plates & auxiliary lift tables (SF/9440/6)

The SF/9440 incorporates four independent hydraulic safety circuits and has overload safety control with hydraulic synchronisation of the platforms.

Product Options

  • 2.0t Jacking Beam (SS/8828)
  • Lighting kit neutral supply (when ordered with lift) (OA/60589)
  • 20mm pads (OA/60603/20)
  • 40mm pads (OA/60603/40)
  • 80mm pads (OA/60603/80)
  • Cross piece for special vehicles (OA/61130)
  • Radius turning plates (OA/60292)

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