SF/9095/EV Duro 4.5t 4.8m Service & MOT Lift

Product Number: SF/9095/EV

Product Description

The SF/9095/EV scissor lift range has been developed to meet all workshop and body shop requirements. The lift has an integral jacking rail enabling a jacking beam to lift the vehicle ‘wheel-free’. The lift can be supplied with a standard platform for general servicing and repairs.

The SF/9095/EV has two further platform design options for wheel alignment use. Both options come with integral bearing-mounted slip plates at the rear of the lift, while at the front of the lift is a recess for radius turning plates. The most comprehensive option includes an integral lifting platform, rear slip-plates, and front recesses, giving the operator a complete lifting and wheel alignment solution.

The SF/9095/EV is designed for installation into a floor recess.

Product Options

  • 2.0t jacking beam (SS/8829/KIT)
  • Radius turning plates (OA/62460)
  • Four-tube lighting kit (OA/60589)

See our Product Datasheet for a full technical specification.

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