4.5T 4.5M Service & MOT (Class IV ATL & OPTL) Recessed Lift

Product Number: SF-9094-EV-SERIES

Product Description

The SF/9094/EV/SERIES Class IV ATL lift from Tecalemit has been developed to meet the UK Class IV MOT specification for use in automated test lanes and for one person testing. The lift platforms have been designed to accommodate the hydraulically operated wheel play detectors and the bearing mounted radius plates; both these items are installed flush with the platform surface allowing for easy movement of the vehicle along the entire length of the lift platform.

The SF/9094/EV scissor lift is supplied complete with integral hydraulically operated wheel play detectors. The system has been designed and is approved for use in Class IV MOT/ATL testing. The play detector system is comprised of 2 hydraulically operated wheel play detector plates which are installed into the lift platforms. The left hand plate generates a turning movement as specified and the right hand plate a lateral movement. The play detectors are operated via a heavy duty hand lamp.

The lift is operated from a control box which can be installed adjacent to the lift, allowing free movement and unobstructed visibility for the examiner around the lift.

The SF/9094/EV also has 3 additional lift platform options with rear wheel slip plates for wheel alignment or an integral wheel free lifting system or both of these options together.

  • 4.5t Class IV ATL, 3Ph, recessed inc. play detector and radius plates (SF/9094/EV)
  • 4.5t Class IV ATL 3Ph, recessed inc. play detector, radius plates and rear slip plates (SF/9094/EV/4)
  • 4.5t Class IV ATL 3ph, recessed inc. play detector, radius plates and auxiliary lifting platforms (SF/9094/EV/5)
  • 4.5t Class IV ATL 3ph, recessed inc. play detector, radius plates, auxiliary lifting platforms and rear slip plates (SF/9094/EV/6)

Product Options

  • 2.0t capacity hydraulic jacking beam (SS/8828)
  • 4 tube lighting kit, when ordered with lift, requires neutral supply (OA/60589)

See our Product Datasheet for a full technical specification

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