Tecalemit Brake Tester Recess Frames

Product Number: OA/62500 Series

Product Description

Tecalemit recess frames are available for all Tecalemit Class 1, 2, 4 & 7 roller brake testers.

Using a recessed frame for the brake tester recess makes it much easier for the builder to achieve the exact dimensions for a Tecalemit ATL brake tester. Because ATL brake testers weigh the vehicle axle when presented to the rollers, the brake tester bed sits on a set of load cells. These enable the brake tester to ‘float’, which requires specific clearances around the brake tester bed.

Civil workers can use a Tecalemit recess frame to ensure precise dimensions and brace it before pouring concrete. This eliminates the need for fabricating shuttering and saves time.

For ‘non-weighing’ One Person Test Lane applications, a frame still ensures the recess can be formed to the correct dimensions far more quickly than just shuttering for a concrete pour.

The frames also provide a yellow powder-coated steel edge for protecting the recess edge.

  • OA/62547/KIT – Class 4
  • OA/62550/KIT – Class 7
  • OA/60031/2 – Class 1 & 2

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