Class 4 DVSA Approved Single Bed Connected Brake Tester (inc. Class 3)

Product Number: DE/9419

Product Description

Car Brake Testers for UK MOT Testing of Class 3 & 4 vehicles

The DE/9419 brake tester is operated via an infrared remote control, and it is simple to use and highly accurate. The brake tester is fully PC controlled and can be easily upgraded to include Tecalemit’s Emissions Testing System. The fully galvanised roller bed sits flush on the workshop floor and is supplied with roller covers for safety and protection when not in use.

The DE/9419 is fully approved for MOT (2-person) or ATL testing and can be used with 3-wheeled and 4X4 vehicles, subject to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification. A proximity switch within the 3rd roller prevents the rollers from running without a car on the roller bed.

The DE/9419 employs the same high-performance roller system that our previous DE/9415 model used, so test stations looking to upgrade machines from the late 1990s can use the same floor excavation. The changeover is a simple one-day job.

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