SF/9259 4.0t 4.3m Quadra ATL & OPTL Lift

Product Number: SF/9259

Product Description

Tecalemit has developed a 4.0t capacity lift for installation into pre-existing MOT lift excavations. The SF/9259 has radius plates and play detectors for Class 4 MOT ATL/OPTL Testing.

The lift has a shallow 130mm profile and a slightly narrower overall width than the standard Quadra ATL lift. This allows the lift to be installed into many floor recesses, prepared for Tecalemit and other lift manufacturers’ Class 4 MOT lifts.

The lift’s platforms, cross members and columns are manufactured from top-grade materials to ensure longevity and performance without deflection and distortion. The Quadra Compact SF/9259 Class 4 ATL/OPTL lift conforms to EN 1493 and CE requirements for lifting equipment.

The SF/9259 is available with 3Ph or 1Ph power supply options. The SF/9259 can be supplied in either surface mount or recessed configurations.

Product Options

  • 2.0T Manual Jacking Beam (SS/8829)
  • 4-Tube Lighting Kit (OA/60342)
  • Drive Through Kit For Recessed Installations (OA/60394)
  • Drive-Through Kit For Surface Mounted Lifts (OA/60412)

In this Case Study, Tecalemit uses an SF/9259 to convert a 2006 Tecalemit Two-Person MOT bay into a One-Person Test Lane (OPTL) whilst avoiding groundwork.


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