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Case study Two Into One, Down In Newport, An OPTL Upgrade Using A 4-Post Lift

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In 1996, Mark Jones and Philip Athay started their business, A J Auto Repairs in Newport.  In 2006, to cater for customer demand, Mark and Philip installed a Tecalemit MOT bay to further improve their business operation.  The MOT Testing capability was originally established as a typical Tecalemit two person test lane of the period. Whilst both Mark and Philip are both qualified MOT Testers, they recognised that their two person test bay format consumed more time than that of a modern one person testing facility.

Like many long established Tecalemit MOT Bays, the testing bay at AJ Auto Repairs has successfully carried out in excess of twenty thousand MOT Tests during the last sixteen years.  The conversion to one person testing would require a replacement vehicle lift with integral play detectors, but the existing Tecalemit Roller Brake Tester and Headlamp Tester could remain unchanged.

The 2006 model Tecalemit 4-Post Lift was installed into a floor recess.  Mark and Philip wanted to minimise the downtime of their MOT Bay and avoid the expense of additional civil works.  They called in Steve Barnfield, one of Tecalemit’s Equipment Specialists.  Steve has over fifteen years’ experience of working with Tecalemit equipment and is very familiar with product dimensions.

Steve recommended the Tecalemit SF/9259 one person testing lift.  The SF/9259 has been specifically designed to fit into shallow 130mm floor recesses without the need for any alterations.  With its integral hydraulically operated shaker plates, it forms the ideal basis for conversion into a one person testing format.  A set of Tecalemit Test Bay Mirrors (OA/60385) and a Pedal Depressor (OA/60375) would complete the One Person Test Lane (OPTL) upgrade.

With the equipment requirements established, Mark and Philip decided to purchase their new equipment through Tecalemit’s distributor, Garage Equipment Solutions (GES), the Garage Equipment division of parts supplier, Motor Parts Direct (MPD).  With all of the order administration completed, it was necessary to prepare the DVSA VT01 application form.  Tecalemit’s Steve Barnfield is very familiar with the DVSA application process and was able to assist Mark & Philip with a layout drawing for the MOT bay upgrade, together with guidance on how to assemble all of the additional supporting information and evidence required to support a successful DVSA application.

Agreement in Principle (AIP) was obtained from the DVSA on first application.  This just left Steve to schedule the Tecalemit Engineering Team to remove the old Tecalemit Lift, Install the new SF/9259 unit and prepare the required certification.  The whole exchange was undertaken in under two days, enabling the quick submission of job completion evidence to the DVSA for sign off.  As Mark says:-

“We started the swop on the Thursday and we were back up and testing on the Friday afternoon, it all went very smoothly”.

Tecalemit would like to thank Mark and Philip for their loyal support to Tecalemit over the last sixteen years and wish them every success with their recent MOT conversion to a One Person Test Lane (OPTL) configuration.

To contact Steve Barnfield or one of Tecalemit’s Regional MOT Specialists, call us on 01752 219111