SF/9492 TWINTEC 4.0t 2-Post Lift

Product Number: SF/9492

Product Description

TWINTEC 4.0t 2-Post Lift – Dependable Performance and Accessibility

Tecalemit’s TWINTEC 4.0t 2-post lift’s Italian design provides maximum accessibility and generous working space. Built with a Bosch Rexroth power pack, this lift will offer years of continuous use and top performance. The 3-stage lifting arms with a reach of over 1.3m offer versatility and can handle most vehicles. Its lifting mechanism with cable synchronisation provides a smooth operation. This hardworking, reliable lift benefits from a durable powder coat finish and other protective features.

Improve Your Productivity and Efficiency

Take your workshop to the next level with a Tecalemit TWINTEC 4.0t 2-post lift. It is designed to improve efficiency and productivity, allowing you to work quickly and accurately. The generous working space will enable you to access even the hardest-to-reach areas of the vehicle. With this lift, you can be sure of a dependable performance, year after year. With its superior performance and accessibility, you can improve your efficiency and productivity to deliver excellent customer service. It is perfect for any workshop or garage. Invest in the future of your business with this solid, dependable lift.

Soft-Start Valve Explained

The TWINTEC’s Soft-Start valve ensures a smooth start and is key to prolonging the life of the power pack. When you press the ‘UP’ button, the Soft-Start valve opens, and the oil flows quickly through the pump, returning immediately to the reservoir. In around 2 seconds, the oil flow rate increases to over 6 litres per minute, so the Soft-Start valve closes, and oil begins flowing to the rams. This means the motor can reach full speed without putting any meaningful load on the pump. As no high current is applied to the motor at start-up, the motor’s lifespan can be significantly extended.


The lift MUST be installed on 3000 PSI (2.1kg/mm) concrete with a minimum thickness of 150mm and an extension of at least 1.5m from anchoring points. New concrete must be adequately cured by at least 20 days minimum.

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