Tiro Plus Tyre Changer & Assist Arms

Product Number: TTC/TIROPLUS/1

Product Description

The Tecalemit Tiro Plus Automatic Tyre Changer has been specifically designed for car and van wheels, including run-flat tyres.

The Tecalemit Tiro Plus has several features to simplify fitting low-profile and run-flat tyres.

  • Easy to use on tyres with minimal side-wall flex.
  • Pneumatic operation of column and arm lock.
  • Effortless operator configuration for a range of tyre sizes.
  • Robust construction eliminates chassis flex and tyre/rim damage.
  • Versatile table clamping ranges with adjustable jaw spacing.
  • Accommodates both small and large rims.
  • Assist arms reduce operator effort:
    • TIROROLLER – Assists with removing the tyre from the rim and maintaining the tyre at the correct angle during fitting.
    • TIROFOLLOWER – Assists with maintaining the tyre bead in the wheel’s well when fitting.
    • TIROLIFTER DISC – Assists with lifting the lower bead during tyre removal.

See the Tiro Plus Tyre Changer in action

Optional Extras

OA/62636/V2 Motorbike Jaw Adaptors 6” – 23”.

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