GTR/400 Laser 4-Wheel Alignment System & Wall Hanger

Product Number: GTR/400/LITE

Product Description

The Tecalemit GTR/400 series is a high-quality 4 Wheel Laser Alignment system specifically designed to utilise the minimum workshop storage space without compromising on Tecalemit’s legendary product quality.

Laser Alignment systems are the choice of numerous alignment experts due to the immediate visibility of the vehicle alignment data. Often described as ‘virtual string’, there is an instant visual correlation between any on-vehicle adjustment and the effect of that adjustment on the precision graded alignment scales. This system enables the technician to achieve accurate four-wheel alignment results quickly and efficiently.

Designed and produced in the UK using precision engineered components, the GTR/400 series uses a high-resolution Class B laser mounted in the laser heads manufactured from lightweight aluminium. It also benefits from a quick clamping system constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

The Tecalemit GTR/400 series is available in two specifications:


  • Compact, easy-to-use, high precision 4 Wheel Laser Aligner
  • Suitable for wheel sizes from 12″ – 23″
  • Measures front & rear toe, total toe, setback and rear axle thrust line
  • Measures camber, caster & SAI*
  • Low clearance measuring heads to clear front spoilers
  • Wall-mounted hanger for storage and charging
  • Highly accurate and easy to use


  • As Per GTR/400/LITE
  • Includes brake pedal applicator, steering wheel clamp and radius plates

Product Options

See the attached Product Specifications Datasheets for the full range of options

* Requires optional camber caster gauge LA/CTD

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