GTR/8400 3D Computerised 4 Camera Wheel Alignment System

Product Number: GTR/8400

Product Description

The Tecalemit GTR/8400 is a powerful 3D computerised wheel alignment system for checking and adjustment of car and van wheel alignment. Utilising machine vision software and high precision image targets it is fast, accurate and easy to use.

  • 4 HD digital video cameras enable rapid target capture at any ramp height eliminating the need for a movable boom
  • Utilising 4 cameras enables cameras to be positioned closer to the ramp than is possible with 2 camera systems
  • The 4 wide angle cameras provide up to twice the range of working heights compared with 2 camera systems
  • Unique ‘Machine Vision’ software provides accurate measurements without the need to calibrate targets
  • Integrated database incorporates alignment specifications, adjustment diagrams and animated instruction videos
  • Self centring wheel adapters accommodate wheel sizes 12″ to 24″
  • Integrated storage for adapters and targets on the cabinet

Cabinet comes with high specification fast PC, extra wide 27″ monitor, printer, and unique wireless remote control.

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