28 Inch Leverless Tyre Changer With Technoroller

Product Number: TTC/9628S/LL/T

Product Description

The TTC/9628S/LL/T brings a leverless operation with a specially designed operating head. This is not a conversion of a standard operating head, but a bespoke leverless head to provide the ultimate tyre changing capability. Pneumatically powered, the operator can pull the tyre’s bead over the wheel rim at the press of a button, eliminating the need for tyre levers and the associated risks of damage to the wheel rim and tyre.

The TTC/9628S/LL/T is constructed using the Tecalemit’ G-frame’ concept. This is unique to the Tecalemit range and ensures the operating head positioning is accurate and stable, protecting expensive tyres and wheels from damage.

The TTC/9628S/LL/T incorporates our patented Ergo Control bead breaker system. Breaking the bead seal on modern tyres and wheels can be difficult and risks damaging the edge of the wheel rim and tyre bead. The patented Ergo Control system allows the operator to adjust the pressure on the tyre from 0 to a maximum force of 11500 N simply by the pressure applied to the beak breaker arm, with no foot pedal.

The circular turntable offers external clamping on rims up to 28″ diameter, and the pneumatically operated column positions the operating head with industry-leading precision and stability. The internal clamping facility further extends the clamping capacity of the TTC/9628S/LL/T to 32″ in diameter.

The TTC/9628S/LL/T is supplied with two assist arms, a Technoroller and a Technofollower. The Technoroller assist arm system can apply pressure to both surfaces of the tyre, which aids the removal and fitting of low-profile and run-flat tyres. The Technofollower ensures the tyre bead is held in the ideal position during the fitting stage. The Technofollower arm follows the tyre through the turntable’s rotation, eliminating the need for the operator to apply pressure using hands or forearms. Not only does this reduce operator effort, but it also improves safety.

The operating head is tilted manually, providing easy access to the circular turntable. Ideal for use in all workshops and servicing facilities.

Tecalemit tyre changers are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory near Modena, Italy, using only the highest grade materials and industry-leading engineering and design.

The TTC/9628S/LL/T is available in a 1Ph power supply configuration.

  • 28″ Tyre Changer with Technoroller 1Ph (TTC/9628S/LL/T)

Product Options

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