TIRO 3.0t 1.4m Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

Product Number: SF/9630

Product Description

The SF/9630 is a mobile, short platform, mid-rise scissor lift developed for use in fast fit/tyre shops. Its compact design allows for easy relocation and provides a wheel-free lifting solution that saves time and money, especially when quick access to wheels, brakes, and most steering & suspension components is required.

The SF/9630 utilises a 230V hydraulic pump, while the safety release is operated pneumatically. In just thirty-five seconds, it can safely position vehicles of up to 3000kg at a convenient working height of 1000mm, enabling a wide range of servicing and repair work to be undertaken.

When lowered, the SF/9630 has a profile of just 110mm, which allows most cars and car-derived vans, even those with low front spoilers, to drive over it. This makes it ideally suited for tyre fitting bays and crash repair centres.

Key Features

  • Fully mobile and can be easily moved around the workshop
  • Low profile access of 110mm with a 3.0t lifting capacity
  • Maximum working height of 1000mm
  • Fast lifting time of 35 seconds
  • Ideal for fast fits & tyre shops
  • Single phase power supply

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