SF/8994 4.0t Recessed Scissor Lift

Product Number: SF/8994

Product Description

The SF/8994 short platform scissor lift from Tecalemit has been developed for use in all car and LGV workshops, particularly where space is at a premium.

Short platform lifts provide an excellent solution allowing the operator to work on the vehicle at ground level without the obstruction of lifting posts and lift platforms and wheel free at a full working height for general servicing and repairs.

The SF/8994/SERIES is recommended for recessed (in-floor) installation. A choice of 3Ph or 1Ph power supply formats are available.

  • SF/8994 = 3Ph Power Supply
  • SF/8994/1 = 1Ph Power Supply

Product Options

  • 20mm Lift Pads (OA/60603/20)
  • 40mm Lift Pads (OA/60603/40)
  • 80mm Lift Pads (OA/60603/80)
  • Mobile Kit (OA/60658)
  • Cross Beams For Special Vehicles (OA/61130) Pair

See our Product Datasheet for a full technical specification



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