AutoTest Combined Cable-free Smoke Meter & Gas Analyser

Product Number: TGD/AUTOTEST

Product Description

The Autotest combined smoke meter and gas analyser is approved with for use in MOT stations for class 4 and 7 vehicle testing.

The smoke meter is battery powered and utilises wireless technology to communicate with the PC. The user can therefore perform vehicle smoke tests without concern for trailing leads. Periodic charging with an AC supply between tests is recommended in order to maintain the “always-available for testing” status.

Pre-heating of the smoke chamber can be a little as 3 minutes in optimal ambient conditions. The equipment performs an automatic in-use calibration and zero adjustment calibration during the testing cycle.

The equipment is supplied as standard with a wireless EOBD device. This enables the software to obtain engine speed measurement readings directly from the vehicle, (via connection through the EOBD port) improving testing efficiency, particular on vehicles with engines where access is restricted.

The equipment is housed in a robust cabinet that provides additional storage for the A4 printer, probes and other accessories.

The equipment requires a 6 monthly certificated calibration (petrol) and 12 monthly certificated calibration (diesel) and this service can be performed by Tecalemit UKAS accredited engineers.

Standard accessories include:

  • Battery-powered smoke meter
  • Wireless EOBD RPM measurement device
  • HT and battery RPM measurement leads
  • Oil temperature probe



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