SF/9490 7.5t Wireless Heavy-duty Mobile Column Lift (30t)

Product Number: SF/9490

Product Description

The SF/9490 wireless heavy-duty mobile column lift is an incredibly efficient and versatile solution for lifting up to 30t. With each column boasting a 7.5t capacity, they can be used singularly, in pairs, or as a set of four, giving you the freedom to use your resources as you need. And, with its wireless communication and 24v battery-pack power source, you won’t have to bother with any cables during use, making it a great alternative to the SF/9475 wired mobile columns. Adding to its convenience and efficiency, the SF/9490 features an advanced synchronisation system, ensuring smooth operation even when the columns are unevenly loaded. Best of all, it’s easy to charge each column using a 230v socket. To see a demonstration of the columns, watch the video below or click here.

This industry-leading wireless heavy-duty mobile column lift is the ideal solution for the modern commercial vehicle workshop. With its adjustable wheel forks, the SF/9490 can easily lift a wide range of vehicles, from cars and vans to buses, coaches, and heavy goods vehicles. For added flexibility, there is even the option to add additional columns to increase the lift’s overall lifting capacity. For maximum safety, a height limit switch stops the lift at the highest point and stops if there is a more than 50mm difference on any column. Mobility within a commercial vehicle workshop is also effortless, with robust wheels and hydraulic pallet truck-style hand controls.

So, if you’re looking for an efficient and fuss-free way to lift up to 30.0t, the SF/9490 wireless heavy-duty column lift is perfect.

Key Features
  • Wireless communication
  • Height synchro potentiometers
  • 120-second lifting time
  • Adjustable wheel forks
  • Base side supports
  • Maintenance-free battery packs
  • 24v Control panel with up/down button and emergency stop on all columns
  • Expandable to 6, 8 or 12-column configurations
  • 7.5T Axle Stands (Spring Assisted) (OA/60071)
  • 10T Axle Stands (OA/60067)

Key Features

Lifting Capacity: 30.0t overall (7.5t per column)

Max Lifting Height: 1700mm

Lifting Time: 120 seconds

Voltage: 24v (battery) 230v (mains charging)

Battery Capacity: 20 lifting cycles (up & down)

Motor Power: 2.2kW

Fork Length: 380mm

Fork Width: 280 – 580mm

Weight: 710kg (Per Column)

Column Dimensions: 1300(L) x 1100(W) x 2300(H) mm


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