SF/9485 8.5t Mechanical Mobile Column Lift (34t)

Product Number: SF/9485

Product Description

The SF/9485 Leviathan mechanical mobile lifting columns represent the most versatile and economical method of lifting commercial vehicles, coaches and buses for under-body inspection and repairs.

The SF/9485 model features a lifting capacity of 8.5t per column with sets of 4, 6 or 8 columns. A standard set of 4 gives a total lifting capacity of 34t. Columns are manoeuvred into position using the integral trolley system. Each lifting carriage is raised via a Nylatron lifting nut mounted to a cold rolled steel screw operated via a 3ph motor controlled via individual PLC units that continuously synchronise each column, ensuring that all carriages remain level +/-5mm throughout the lifting cycle.

Key Features

  • A mechanical system with spindle-nut-assy
  • ZELLAMID bearing nut and bronze safety nut
  • PLC-control unit
  • Electronic alignment control
  • Control unit on the main post (separate control cabinet on the trolley as an option)
  • Up/down button on each column
  • Emergency stop on all posts

Product Options

  • Small Wheel Adaptor 700 to 500 (OA/60633)
  • Small Wheel Adaptor 800 to 700 (OA/60634)
  • Small Wheel Adaptor 900 to 800 (OA/60635)
  • 15t Free Wheel Cross Beam (OA/60632)
  • 7.5t Axle Stands (Spring Assisted) (OA/60071)
  • 10t Axle Stands (OA/60067)

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