SF/9057 4.0t 5.2m Quadra ATL & OPTL Lift

Product Number: SF/9057

Product Description

The SF/9057 Class 7 ATL/OPTL lift meets the dimensional requirements and technical specifications set out by DVSA. It incorporates a complete range of safety features to ensure operator peace of mind. The lift platforms, cross members and columns are manufactured from top-grade materials to ensure longevity and performance without deflection and distortion. The lift conforms to EN 1493 and CE requirements for lifting equipment.

The SF/9057 is available for both surface mounting and recess mounting (specify when ordering).

The SF/9057 can also be equipped with rear slip plates for wheel alignment.


The Quadra SF/9057 Class 7 ATL lift requires a level floor to +/- 8mm of C30 or equivalent grade concrete of a minimum thickness of 160mm excluding any screed or paving. A qualified person (structural engineer) should be consulted if in doubt. Fused circuit protection must be installed for lifts requiring a 3ph power supply. A neutral conductor should also be provided.

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