High Lift Pads – 2-Post Lifts

Product Number: OA/50000 Series

Product Description

The Tecalemit OA/50000/SERIES are a range of high lift extensions suitable for Tecalemit 2-Post Lifts*.  A range of sizes are available depending upon lift model.

Product Options

  • 20mm High Lift Extensions (OA/50740)
  • 100mm High Lift Extensions (OA/50734)
  • 170mm High Lift Extensions (OA/50735)
  • 250mm High Lift Extensions (OA/50736)

Typical, 2-Post Lift model coverage (*check for specific model suitability)

  • SF 9010
  • SF 9230
  • SF 9035
  • SF 9224
  • SF 9028
  • SF 8935
  • SF 9236
  • SF 8893
  • SF 9025
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