Electronic Wheel Balancer

Product Number: TBM/V/9660

Product Description

The TBM/V/9660L is Tecalemit?s premium automatic video wheel balancer, developed for high throughput use in tyreshops, dealerships and specialists where both accuracy and speed are important.

Once the wheel is mounted the set-up process is intuitive and fast, wheel dimension data is automatically detected and saved from the data entry arms. The Quick Selection Program (QSP) automatically determines the optimum balancing program for the wheel saving valuable time and eliminating human error. Results are displayed on the large video screen which gives an intuitive clear graphical display of all the relevant information. The heavy-duty cabinet design allows for easy access to the inside of the wheel aiding the attachment of stick-on weights.

Suitable for all car or light commercial wheels the TBM/V/9660L has a specific capability to accurately balance heavy off-road type wheels. The TBM/V/9660L is easy to use with a very quick balancing cycle and manufactured in our own factory near Modena, Italy using the best materials and technology available.

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