Approved MOT Headlamp Beam Tester

Product Number: DE/7588/395/RS232

Product Description

The DE/7588/395/RS232 Headlamp Beam Tester range is the 3rd generation of headlamp testing equipment from Tecalemit, continuing over 40 years of expertise in the field. The DE/7588/395/RS232 is a rail-mounted headlamp beam tester supplied complete with an installation kit. The unit is mounted on a 3 wheeled rail-mounted base with a graduated light-alloy vertical column supporting the optical box.

The DE/7588/395/RS232 has a range of adjustments along 3 axes with an integral laser, to set screen height, and a transversely mounted lined mirror to set the lateral alignment of the Beam Tester. The optical box height is easily adjusted and is counter-balanced to aid adjustment. The DE/7588/395/RS232 is also supplied with an integral RS232 port to enable test results to be downloaded, should this become a legislative requirement.


To conform to DVSA UK MOT testing requirements, the DE/7588/395/RS232 rails must be mounted onto a floor-level +/- 2mm over the length of the rails. Tecalemit is able to provide a UK mainland installation service. Certificated installation is carried out by Tecalemit’s accredited engineers.

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