UK Automotive Industry Trade Bodies Launch MOT Petition

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A petition has been launched by automotive trade bodies to stop the Government’s plans to extend the period before a vehicle has its first MOT, in order to reduce preventable casualties and deaths caused by vehicle defects.

The petition states: “The Government has proposed extending the period before a vehicle has to have its first MOT from 3 years to 4. We believe this will be dangerous, expensive, damaging and unnecessary.

“The Government has considered extending the period before a new vehicle needs its first MOT several times in recent years and abandoned plans every time after common-sense arguments from industry bodies and consumers alike. The petition cites that any reduction to the MOT frequency will be:
• Dangerous: Increased casualties and deaths caused by vehicle defects
• Expensive: Increased vehicle repair, maintenance & insurance costs
• Damaging: Increased pollution & congestion levels
• Unnecessary: There is little evidence to suggest motorists want to change MOT frequency

“1,759 casualties were caused by vehicle defects in 2021. Keep our roads safe by keeping the MOT at 3-1-1.”

The petition is backed by leading UK Automotive Industry Trade Bodies:-

  • Independent Garage Association (IGA),
  • The Garage Equipment Association (GEA),
  • The National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA),
  • The Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA)
  • The National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA)

To sign and support the petition, Click Here