Induction Heating System

Product Number: IHS-7000-Elite

Product Description

The IHS/7000 Elite series has been developed to provide a safe and reliable method of providing fast removal of rusty nuts and bolts, bearings, pins, gears, pulleys and exhausts. The equipment can also be used in vehicle bodywork applications including assisting with the removal of windscreens, decals, bump strips and door skins. The product provides a flameless heat reducing the need for torches, solvents and abrasives.

The hand controller has been ergonomically designed to be both comfortable and easy to use with a weight of only 500 grams. To minimise risk, no mains voltage is used in the hand

controller. Induction coils are changed over via the quick release mechanism which hold the coils firmly in place when located in the hand controller.

The transformer and electronic components are contained within the induction unit which is an air-cooled robust metal enclosure. Upto 2.5m of cable connects the hand controller to the induction unit. Thermal control with a trip-out and reset

function provide additional safety.

The Induction Heating System is available in 2 versions.

Standard equipment supplied in the IHS 7000 Elite includes:

  • Portable 2500W induction unit
  • Hand controller
  • 1m connection cable from hand controller to induction unit
  • Three coils : 22mm and 32mm horizontal and 22mm vertical
  • 2 metre mains lead
  • 1.5m extension cable from hand controller to induction unit
  • 1 foot pedal (improving the ease of operation)
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