What Are Your Options For MOT Testing?

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Tecalemit is one of the leading suppliers of MOT bays, offering a wide range of MOT bay configurations, including TPTL, OPTL, and ATL for all classes. When you choose a Tecalemit MOT package, you get more than just the equipment. You get our equipment specialists who will ensure the preparation and installation go smoothly, in a timescale that suits you. It all starts with a visit to conduct a site survey and discuss your requirements. With that complete, you receive a detailed quotation on the equipment required. We can then assist you with the VT01 DVSA application, including CAD drawings of the equipment and workshop layout.

One-Person MOT Test Lanes

Together with Tecalemit, you can create an efficient MOT station with a complete Automated Test Lane (ATL) package from Tecalemit. As an industry-leading supplier, our DVSA-approved ATL packages are designed for one-person MOT testing for Class 4 or 7, with the option to include Classes 1, 2, 3 or 5L if required. Tecalemit’s ATL can be designed using our range of lifts or with an inspection pit for workshops with height restrictions. Whichever option you choose, Tecalemit ATL packages can deliver efficiency and reliability to your workshop. There is also the option to add rear slip plates to our ATL lifts to create a ‘Dual Revenue’ bay combining wheel alignment with MOTs.

Alternatively, you may have an existing MOT bay. In that case, you can significantly decrease your testing costs and improve your workshop’s productivity by updating your current MOT bay to a Tecalemit One-Person Test Lane (OPTL). If you have an existing standard MOT bay, you should consider a Tecalemit OPTL upgrade package to reduce your labour costs and boost productivity. This is because you will only need one technician to conduct the MOT test rather than two, resulting in improved productivity in your workshop. Tecalemit’s OPTL upgrade packages use our standard ATL lifts, which include options suitable for the most common MOT lift recesses.

Standard MOT Test Lanes

Lastly, there is a Two-Person Test Lane (TPTL) option, the traditional set-up where a tester requires an assistant to perform an MOT. Typically, this is the cheapest option, but most workshops now opt for an ATL bay to take advantage of the lower labour costs. A TPTL bay can be made more affordable if you have a suitable existing lift and jacking beam, which can be used for MOT testing by adding a pair of radius plates. However, you must consider the minimum requirements concerning space around an MOT lift. The workshop layout must also accommodate a brake tester and headlamp beam tester close by.

So, if you are considering moving into vehicle testing by adding an MOT bay, talk to the experts today. Tecalemit’s MOT experts will work with you to understand your requirements and design the best possible solution for your workshop. With over 100 years of experience, the Tecalemit can help answer your questions quickly. Tecalemit provides and installs high-quality, DVSA-approved MOT testing equipment. And remember, we have some of the best aftersales support available, too! So trust Tecalemit for your testing needs, and contact us today.