Tyre Fitting Equipment from Tecalemit

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There are tyre changers, and then there is Tyre Fitting Equipment. That is one of the main misunderstandings we have come across because tyre changers can vary massively, even if, at first glance, they all appear similar. For example, structural rigidity is one of the most critical features of any tyre changer.

Exclusive to our Italian-made products, the ‘G-Frame’ concept ensures the mounting head positioning is accurate and stable – helping protect expensive wheels and tyres from damage. The ‘G-Frame’ concept means that the mounting/demounting head remains safely away from the rim, providing a risk-free tyre fitment by extending the working area between the tyre and the mounting head.

In addition, we offer the exceptional Ergo Control system. This hand bead breaker system allows the user to control the operation of tyre-beading in an ergonomic working position, reducing time and effort. The hand lever gives the user maximum control and sensitivity over the bead-breaking process. The system is intuitive and easy to use; the movement of the blade can be driven just by a finger. The operator stands in front of the wheel, not in front of the pedals, which is safer and more comfortable.

Tecalemit’s Italian tyre changer platforms can also benefit from a wheel lift upgrade. This allows the operator to work in an ergonomic position. The wheel lift fits on the righthand side of the machine next to the bead breaker, significantly improving productivity. The wheel lift includes a built-in roller board, making the bead-breaking operations faster and easier.

To learn more about our industry-leading products, ask to speak to one of our specialists for advice on choosing the right Tyre Fitting Equipment for you.